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Term 2:  2nd March - 11th April  2020


Popular from the 1940’s through to the swinging 60’s, Rock ‘n’ Roll is an energetic style of dance that is fantastic fun! It is a very easy style to learn with an abundance of steps in similar rhythm. The basic pressure step rock ‘n’ roll makes it quite quick and easy to learn. This means less time is spent on footwork and more time on creating the energy and the “bounce” of the dance...and having a great time! Our Beginners Rock n’ Roll Class focuses on mastering the feel of the rhythm by teaching basic footwork. Utilising various kicks, turns and swivel steps, courses are designed to give beginners a chance to get into the music and understand the timing while also learning a step or two to impress friends.

Once students are ready to progress to Intermediate Rock n’ Roll, the focus shifts to increasing knowledge of footwork, and applying the concepts from beginners to the advanced turns, arm movements and positions learned.

For those who would like to learn both Rock n’ Roll and Jive/Swing, there is the option to take both classes across 2 hours on a Wednesday evening, with a significant discount applied.

Jus' Dance Adult Rock n' Roll Classes
CLASS day time  cost enquire
Rock n’ Roll (Beginners) Wednesday 7-8pm $20 per class or $95 per term, pre-paid Enquire Now
Rock n’ Roll (Intermediate) Wednesday 7-8pm $20 per class or $95 per term, pre-paid Enquire Now
Rock n’ Roll, Jive & Swing Wednesday 7-9pm $28 per class or $135 per term, pre-paid Enquire Now

*Each term runs for 6 weeks, including public holidays. Payment may be made by pre-pay or weekly.


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