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Term 2:  2nd March - 11th April  2020

Jive & Swing

Jive & Swing or ‘Swing Jive’ is a fantastic class for anyone beginning their journey towards becoming a Ballroom Jive dancer. Traditional Ballroom Jive is an exhilarating and fun dance that looks amazing on the dance floor. However, due to its speed and technical footwork, it is certainly a tricky dance to master. Swing Jive is simply a slower version of Jive, danced to rhythm & blues music. The figures are more compact & circular in movement, unlike Ballroom Jive which is faster & has straight lines. This makes the moves easier to learn making Swing Jive an excellent introduction to Jive.

Jus' Dance Adult Jive & Swing Classes
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Jive & Swing (Beginners to Intermediate) Wednesday 8-9pm $20 per class or $95 per term, pre-paid Enquire Now

*Each term runs for 6 weeks, including public holidays. Payment may be made by pre-pay or weekly.


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