Welcome to Jus' Dance

Dance studio providing lessons south of Perth

About the studio

The Jus' Dance studio has been open for 13 years. In that time, the people that have been with us have seen some amazing things. Numerous changes have occurred, and new faces have joined us, but we still maintain the family atmosphere that is embodied in our dance studio in Perth.

The studio provides an excellent learning environment; you can feel the energy in the air. With dancing classes, including ballroom and Latin, there is always something exciting happening. Somewhere, someone is learning something new, and you can hear laughter coming from one of our many lessons.

It's not all fun and games though, as there is some actual learning going on, and with our experienced teachers you can be assured that our instruction is of a high quality. Enthusiasm and patience, combined with that little touch of humour, has proven to work wonders on even those that have 'two left feet' (or even three in some cases).
The appearance

The studio is laid out over three main dance floors, each one separated from the rest of the studio. This ensures you don't have to worry about someone else doing something different in the corner. Lights glitter against the full length mirrors on the walls. Well kept and polished hard wood floors provide an excellent dance surface and air-conditioning throughout the studio makes it comfortable on those hot days.

The people at Jus' Dance take pride in their passion for dancing. Our studio is decorated with numerous statues and pictures, and trophies scatter the shelves from various competitions won by our students.
Learn with us

Teachers at our studio are some of the best around, and we make sure that the training of our students is done methodically so it can be understood. We work with encouraging comfort among out student's right from the beginning, so they can learn at their best and not feel like they are being watched all the time.

Everyone has a laugh and an overall good time, and everyone enjoys being in the dance classes. It's rare that people don't go home smiling, and to us that makes the job worth while

Contact us for more information about how to join the exciting dance classes at Jus' Dance.